Even after 43 years of building wood fences we are still making changes to build better and stronger, we don’t just build to code, we do many things that exceed code. Please look at our specs and compare the quality if you ask others to build the same you will see we are the least expensive.

There are three most common types of wood privacy fences.

  1. Stockade where all boards are next to each other, when boards dry you end up with small gap between boards.
  2. Shadow Box. This is where boards are staggered on both sides of fence, both sides look similar.
  3. Board on Board. This style is only one that gives you complete privacy, boards over lap each other on same side.

Why our fences are stronger and last longer.

  • All post – 4′ spacing, All post 80lb concrete, All post have cap to reduce moisture
  • All rails – We use four horizontal 2x4s not three. Then we nail and SCREW
  • All boards – Only 3″ spacing then nailed and SCREWED
  • Gates – All have metal frames. All have three hinges.
  • Gate post – Are always doubled.

Water Seal your fence!!!

Very important to water seal your fence, this stops the process of wood soaking in water every night and expanding then contracting with our hot sun.

A properly built fence with minimal maintenance should last 25 to 30 years.

All of our wood unless requested different is pressure treated yellow pine.

On all styles: Four 2x4s gives more surface so boards won’t warp. The screws stop the wood from pulling out. Caps on top of every post makes post absorb less water. Three hinges and metal frames so gates won’t sag and look good.

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